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Our approach looks at all elements of your life to bring lasting changes


  • Do you suffer with back pain that stops you from pain free movement?

  • Are you always feeling tired and low in energy? 

  • Are your stress levels too high? 

  • Are you struggling with weight loss? 

  • Do you want to get back into training after an injury? 



One-to-one Coaching


We take you through a series of assessments and questionnaires that are fully designed to map your nutrition, body composition, sleeping patterns, health and fitness regimes. 

This process enables us to design a tailored program that is totally bespoke for you and focuses on realising your personal goals and ambitions 

12 Week Group Programmes


We offer 12 week group transformation programmes that are designed to completely transform your body and mind and feel healthy, fit and happy than ever before! 

With our holistic approach we look at all elements of your life to bring you lasting results. 

Pain Resolution


By carrying out a thorough assessment of your back and supporting muscles we can identify and tackle the root cause of your pain. We work towards fixing the issue long term rather than temporarily.  

Nutrition Advice and Weight Loss


Learn how to eat correctly and maintain your ideal body weight without dieting! 

We find out what food is right for you through a metabolic assessment 

and then develop a bespoke healthy eating plan which will help you to lose weight, give you energy and make you feel great.

Program Design


Following the lifestyle and physical assessments, a bespoke program will be designed specifically for you.


It will take into consideration your work and personal commitments, where you prefer to work out and your preferred methods of exercise, and how quickly you want to achieve your end goal. 


At Inner Health and Fitness we follow the 6 CHEK Foundation Principles for Health & Wellbeing. These principles form the heart of the philosophy and guide the bespoke programmes that are created for each of our clients.  

Thoughts - The biology of your body is linked to your mind and it is said that healthy thinking produces a healthy body.

Movement - Movement is life and life is movement. Exercise pumps your organs, removes waste, improves metabolism, and cultivates energy.

Nutrition - Whole, organic foods eaten according to your metabolic type, fuel your body for success!

Breathing -  Optimal breathing maximises THE most important nutrient – oxygen, removes waste, and energises your body.

Hydration - The best solution for pollution is dilution and water is an essential cleaning agent for the body.

Sleep - We don’t get stronger when we work out, we get stronger when we rest! 8 hours of sleep each night is essential for rest & repair.

Find out about how we learn about your lifestyle and put these key CHEK Foundation principles into practice.

Find out more about our approach


CHEK Holistic Lifestyle and Exercise Coaching

Inner Health & Fitness was set up by Arron in 2017 with a vision to help, motivate and educate people to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. 

Arron is a Chek qualified exercise and lifestyle coach with a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion which will help you to create a healthy and happy lifestyle. 


We would love to hear from you and to find out what your personal goals and ambitions are.

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Inner Health & Fitness

We operate from Milton Keynes and Aylesbury at a location and time convenient to you. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to call if you have any questions.

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